We take great pride in our abilities, in the quality of service we provide and the results we achieve for our clients. And we get great pleasure from helping our clients achieve success. To accomplish all that, we have some inviolable principles for our relationships with our clients:

We predate Google (circa 2004) in our SEO knowledge and that is important because our team has lived through and kept up with every major Google SEO algorithm change to date and have watched the SEO landscape evolve; beginning with Google, Bing & Yahoo and with the present-day modern Search Engines’ list; inclusive of Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and Amazon.

An SEO with historical perspective on your team is crucial for success in today’s online world because we know which SEO techniques work and which SEO techniques do not work and that helps save time spent working on client campaigns by making the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process frictionless and results-driven for our clients.

At Vembar, we hire people who burn with an intense desire to help our clients succeed at all costs. “Good enough” simply isn’t. We go to great lengths to ensure that our strategic SEO recommendations are backed up by hard data, examined from every single angle, tested for validity and implemented correctly.

When you work with Jey Pandian, you are embarking on a mutually fulfilling partnership where we sit down together in person, hash out your business goals and objectives on the whiteboard. And, then work together to build out the high growth SEO strategy with data-rich SEO insights and supported by the underlying tactics along with the execution to hit your traffic or revenue goals!

We guide you every step of the way as your business partner and an extension of your marketing team!

Integrity is key to our client relationships. Our SEO processes are transparent and we are upfront about our pricing schedule with no hidden fees. If we think that a goal is unreasonable, we will share our point of view and support our rationale with facts to help create a better business goal.

And, when we sign on new clients, we ensure that we do not work with competitors in the same space! If a competitor reaches out and wants to do business but we already have a client in a specific market, we will refer the competitor to other competent SEOs to help them out so that it creates a win-win situation for everyone!

How We Work
We offer an all-inclusive SEO service that is different from 98% of all SEO agencies, worldwide. We do not offer an à la carte option where clients can select the SEO deliverable that they want. Rather, we offer every single SEO deliverable under a single year engagement.

We use an all-inclusive SEO methodology for several reasons:
1. Clients are not charged any hidden, setup and out of scope fees
2. We strongly believe in going the extra mile to help achieve your business objectives!

Finally, a major difference with our service is that rather than simply making recommendations, we implement our recommendations on your behalf. That means that while we’re focusing on your SEO campaign, you’re free to concentrate on growing your business to meet the increased demand.

How Can We Help You?